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What Happened to Clara?  Silje Reiersen has spent most of her childhood fighting strange phenomena that occasionally attempt to take over her mind. When she enters adolescence and attends a high school in a small town, these episodes are compounded by criminal forces in the external world. When one of her classmates is taken, Silje's inner self is forced to readjust, When another classmate disappears, Silje unwittingly becomes part of the investigation.

The Origin of Fear  One wintery night, in a two-family household, deep in Wisconsin farm country, four-year-old Silje Reiersen hears a knock on the door. A stranger wants shelter for the night, so the men doing chores in the barn allow the man to sleep in the hay loft overnight. The next morning, the man is found with a pitchfork stuck in his neck. Who is he? Why was he killed? By whom? The sheriff with none of modern day's forensic tools must solve this crime while the family endures the questions and rumors of an increasingly fearful community.

Spare Them? No Profit. Remove Them? No Loss  In this extraordinary memoir, Chhalith Ou tells of how, at age thirteen, he is separated from his parents after the Khmer Rouge communist takeover of Cambodia in 1975 and spends much of the next few years in the jungle clearing land, harvesting bamboo, and gathering rocks. He learns to avoid starvation by trapping animals and treating poisonous plants to make them edible. He becomes a leader of men much older than himself and must learn to manage them. Meanwhile, Chhalith's parents are laying the groundwork for one of the most harrowing escapes ever recorded.

Ambiguous  Control means many things. In the Fairchild Air Force Base Control Tower during the Cold War, it was all about controlling the fighterplanes, bombers, and tankers practicing take-offs and landings. Or was it? When three young airmen enter into a game of dominance and resistance with one another, there are consequences that will haunt each of them for the rest of their lives. Based on a true story.

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