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The Origin of Fear

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Read The Halleson Post: Here is your opportunity to comment and be heard by R.Z. Halleson. Do you agree with the "wisdom" she claims from her life-long-lived? Not agree? Let her know. Enter the dialogue. 

We are pulled this way and that way. At some point we must find the inner strength to say, "I understand, and I need you to understand too." We then begin to find our balance.

Two children must make sense of a murder that takes place on their farm where everyone is a suspect. With no modern forensic tools available, the sheriff must solve a crime where nothing is as it seems: victim unknown, motive unknown, killer unknown. This is the 1940s just before WWII breaks out and tenson in this rural community is high. How will the coming war impact the farmers and their families. Will the killer come back? Is he one of them?

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Now distributed by Ingram Spark,The Origin of Fear is the first of R.Z. Halleson's books to be available in bookstores, libraries, and to be distributed across many platforms as an eBook.  Buy it now wherever books are sold!


The best writers engage with a world beyond themselves, with people different from themselves, and try to see through their eyes. Who are you? Who am I in relation to you?


coming soon: 


-- The uploading to Ingram of Halleson's shocking novel Ambiguous. Three young airmen in the 1950s enter into a game of dominance and resistance with one another with consequences that will haunt each of them for the rest of their lives. Based on a true story, this was a candidate for the pretigious LAMBDA award.

-- In the works now: research for the creation of a far-reaching novel of the coming climate change based on the theory of Gaia, the myths that dominate our lives as ideologies, historical events, and extrapolation of all of these into what our future world might look like.